A little yoga, a little retreat

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Yoga retreat experiences for the solo traveler that complements the body, mind and soul in a group setting.

Providing space for travel, discovery, healing, connection and growth while never having to feel unsafe or alone.

Sarah believes in combining mind, breath, body movement and nutrition to better manage our emotions, health and overall quality of life. Combining yoga with travel is Sarah’s secret recipe to live inspired in a body that feels amazing.

You can find Sarah leading yoga classes at Eau Claire Fitness and The Yoga Plant in Chippewa Falls.  Her teaching draws from ParaYoga, Tantra, Hatha and Vinyasa traditions.  Leading from a decade plus of experience studying with several yoga teachers, personal retreat travel, in depth research and training, you can expect props and therapy focus in her class.

Sarah trained for her Yoga Certification at Devanadi Yoga in Minneapolis, MN with emphasis in Anatomy, Ayurveda and Energy Medicine.

Valuing a growth mindset, Sarah is inspired by anyone who has fallen down and got back up again. 

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Video interview filmed in Kerala, India on Happiness